[Gpdd] ANNOUNCE: Welcome Cirrus & Bapka

Monica Morris mmorris at buinea.com
Tue Dec 31 07:42:12 EST 2019

A petfinder ad for 2 12-week neutered boars; bonded, caught my eye.  We
had never had 2 boars before but they looked like "ours".  They were not
together, however, when we arrived at the shelter.

The downtown Macy's in San Francisco traditionally displays adoptable
shelter pets in the windows in lieu of holiday decorations.  These 2
little boars were chosen for the exhibit but put on such a rumblestrut
show they were separated and we were told there was some concern one was
more aggressive than the other.  After being reunited during our visit,
it was clear they knew and liked one another and we speculate they were 
just over-excited.

We now have Bapka, a TSW, and a Himalayan called Cirrus.  They're
chasing one another and doing popcorn dances.  Amazing to have guinea
pigs again after almost a year and especially babies, which we haven't
had in many years.  They are adjusting nicely and were seen sleeping
with their eyes closed the first day. And they sing very loudly.  We are
in love.

There is a Cirrus and Babka page on Steve's website:


Happy New Year to All -

Monica, Cirrus & Bapka (with 15 in memory)

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