[Gpdd] ANOUNCEMENT: Nugget and Stuart Little's photo

bunny rabbit calliope996 at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 3 09:01:17 EST 2019

Stuart Little here again. Nugget and I would like to thank everyone who 
commented on our blog posting. We are so glad you liked our pigture.

Rayna, yes, if it's on paper, we do tear it up! In fact, since our mom 
puts shredded paper in our house, we sometimes even find ourselves 
wearing it. The other day I had a piece of newspaper on my head. (Mom 
didn't know how it got there, but she thought it was a good look for me.)

MIL Glynis, we really do like being with each other, and our mom is very 
happy to see us together so often. Only when we get in our think tanks 
(one at each end of the cage) do we end up apart for a time.

(Note to everyone: Our brother Friday was married to Glynis's sweet 
Onyx, so she was Friday's mother-in-law, and we are honored that she is 
our MIL, too.)

Josie and Callie, we are so pleased you think we are cute <blush>. I am 
pigtating this to my mom, and she says my ears are blushing, too!

Thank you again,
Stuart Little, writing also for Nugget

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