[Gpdd] RAINBOW BRIDGE: condolences, Callie

bunny rabbit calliope996 at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 11 15:28:56 EST 2019

Dee and Josie, we are so very sorry that Callie left suddenly for the 
Bridge, and we send our condolences. Yes, it is a shock when we have no 
idea that a piggie is ill, and he or she leaves us so quickly. They do 
fool us into thinking they are well. We're so sorry, too, that Josie is 
not well and is on antibiotics, and we hope she will make a full 
recovery. Please know what a wonderful life Callie had with you and how 
lucky she was that you rescued her more than two years ago. She 
certainly knew she had found a happy, loving home, and we know she 
enjoyed every day with you and Josie.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all sick piggies and their families.

Cindy, Nugget, and Stuart Little

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