[Gpdd] CARE: Nugget's teeth

bunny rabbit calliope996 at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 10 15:03:37 EDT 2019

Nugget has been having problems with his teeth this year. In January I 
noticed he was having difficulty eating bell pepper; he could eat it, 
but it took him a long time. When I weighed him and checked his teeth, 
both the top and bottom teeth in the front were jagged instead of 
straight across.

I took him to get them trimmed, and my vet did use light anesthesia, but 
he came out of it before we left the office. She saw a problem with a 
molar, but fixed it.

He'd had a couple of teeth trims since then, and now his molar is fine, 
but the front teeth still wear very strangely. They also are getting 
their odd shape more quickly now. He just had a trim less than three 
weeks ago.  (It was more than two months between the first and second 

Does anyone have any insight into what might be wrong, or why his teeth 
are getting bad more quickly now?

Of course he always has hay available, as well as pellets and small 
amounts of carrot. Green veggies, too. He has wood tables and such to 
chew on but ignores them.

He has become a cage-bar chewer, so I know that doesn't help, but I am 
still perplexed. I've had other piggies who chewed the bars and had no 
ill effects.

TIA for help and advice.

Cindy, Nugget, and Stuart Little

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