[Gpdd] CARE: Nugget

bunny rabbit calliope996 at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 12 16:23:35 EDT 2019

Dee and Josie, thank you for your thoughts about Nugget's teeth. I have 
wondered about his jaw but just in the past few days, so I haven't yet 
asked my vet. She did take a full-body X-ray a few months ago, and maybe 
she can see his jaw on that. I will check with her.

I am sorry to hear that Josie has sludge. With Eddie, I fed watery 
veggies such as cucumber and green-leaf lettuce. I also fed corn silks 
and corn shucks, since I had read somewhere that they might be of help. 
In the last year or so with him, I had trouble encouraging him to drink 
water, so I would make a pellet slurry with pellets and bottled water. 
He and Nugget both enjoyed it, and Eddie wanted to eat his from a spoon, 
so he had a spoon for his own use.

I hope this helps. Best wishes and wheeks to Josie. Do keep us posted.

Cindy, Nugget, and Stuart Little

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