[Gpdd] Misc: Guinea pigs and furniture

Jocelyn Anderson jocelynm at umich.edu
Mon Jun 24 08:18:47 EDT 2019

Dante Wigglebottom and Dmitri share part of the arena, and we have two
pigloos. One that is large and one that is extra large (which looks like
it's meant for rabbits.) Dante, who is a small piggy at 1000g, likes to sit
in the entrance of the extra large pigloo. Dmitri, who is 1500g and much
larger than Dante, will sometimes come over to the entrance of the extra
large pigloo. The funny thing is is that Dante will not let him in, even
though there is more than enough room. Dmitri will try to stick his nose
past Dante, and Dante sticks his nose way up in the air. Dmitri will try on
Dante's other side, and Dante still won't let him past. Dante is small but
he is a strong willed piggy, and Dmitri is very sweet.

Dmitri sometimes goes into the large pigloo, and he barely fits because
he's so big. When he comes out of it, it sometimes drags along with him.

Jocelyn, Dante Wigglebottom, Dmitri, Peppers Popcornpants, and Chase

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