[Gpdd] MISC: moving is finally over

Carol Riley bearkat1 at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 30 16:57:18 EDT 2019

Hi every pig. Avalanche here. Finally mommy and daddy are done with this thing called moving. Such a bother! They are almost done unpacking...why do they have so many things? Hay, water, pellets, a comfy cage and some veggies should be more than enough.
Nugget, I hope your teethies are o.k. Do you think it was from opening those beer bottles with your teeth last Halloween? Uh, uh, nevermind that...I have been off my feed a little since we moved. I am Mr. Fussybutt! I like the name! My poor mommy has tried small bits of fruits and veggies and has tried bribing me with my previous favorites, but right now I am very fond of only my pellets. Mommy said I can't have pear all day every day and I am pouting! I beg and beg, but she says no. What's up with that?
Hope every pig is doing well.  Hi from Nashville proper!

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