[Gpdd] Health: Piggy dry heaving?

bunny rabbit calliope996 at earthlink.net
Tue May 7 19:42:48 EDT 2019

Mieke, Raani, Cookie, and Binky, we have seen piggies do something like 
you describe. In our experience, as you saw with Cookie, our piggies are 
eating when they do this, and they usually seem to be eating hay. It has 
seemed to me that they might be eating too quickly, as Peter Gurney said 
(thanks for the information from his book).

I usually offer water, and sometimes they drink a bit, sometimes not, 
but either way they are then fine. Although I can't 100 percent say not 
to worry, it has not seemed to be a problem, just a momentary event.

Hope this is of some help.

Cindy, Nugget, and Stuart Little

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