[Gpdd] MISC: Hello

Carol Riley bearkat1 at yahoo.com
Sun May 26 13:50:35 EDT 2019

Hello everyone and every pig,
Mommy has been busy! She has been working at different stores and by herself and still travelling an hour or more each way to work, so she hasn't been on the  computer much. On the other hand, I Avalanche, have been enjoying hay and grass and cuddles every night! Mommy and daddy will be moving closer to mommy's work next month. She will be "on site" and will only have a very short walk to work so she and daddy are very very happy about that!  I don't know what a move is, although mommy said we have moved a few times, I don't remember. 
I am doing pretty well. I will be 6 sometime in August. Mommy said I have a large cyst on my left shoulder, but it doesn't bother me and the vet said to leave it alone. I am hoping to be able to host another Halloween getaway this year. Does anyone have a special place they would like to go? With PigAir, we can do ANY where!!!
Hope you are all well. Mommy rewrote my post because she said I don't know how to spell. I told her I don't care and the pigs don't care!

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