[Gpdd] MISC: Checking in

Jocelyn Anderson jocelynm at umich.edu
Tue May 28 08:00:31 EDT 2019

Hello everyone,

Our piggies (Dante Wigglebottom, Dmitri, Chase, and Peppers Popcornpants)
have been been pretty well overall. Dante in the last few months has had
bladder sludge (which has gone away thanks to switching to distilled
water), but he is now on his third round of antibiotics for his sniffles.
The first time it was one kind of antibiotic (I forget the name), it didn't
work too well, so he went back to the vet, and then he was on a combo of
meds. This past Saturday I noticed his eyes were a little crusty along with
his nose and he was breathing hard again. Luckily the vet has mentioned
that I don't need to bring him in (it can be hard to see this particular
vet) and that I can just call if he needs more meds. Which I did and now
he's putting on weight again!

When I asked if there was something we could do about his getting the
sniffles, the vet said that he doesn't have a very good immune system. He's
not near any vents or drafty areas. Dante was the runt of the litter (he is
a tiny pig) so I wonder if that has something to do with it. His buddy
Dmitri is 50% bigger than Dante, but Dante has a huge personality and is
the one that runs the show on that side of the piggy arena.

Peppers Popcornpants and Chase each have their part of the arena, which is
connected to Dante and Dmitri's side so every pig can see and chat with
each other. Chase (who is a wild pig) and Peppers will sit next to each
other a lot of the time with a grid separating them. We got Chase for a
buddy for Peppers, but there was so much fighting we had to separate them.
They seem happy with the current setup.

Jocelyn, Dante Wigglebottom, Dmitri, Chase, and Peppers Popcornpants

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