[Gpdd] Misc: Halloween party

Dee joedee1986 at verizon.net
Tue Oct 1 13:27:22 EDT 2019

We are telling our mom what to type:  

This is Josie and Lily of the Massachusetts Patriot Pigs.  We have never been to a party and really want to go!  I am Josie a senior pig with black and white fur and a little spot of tan on top of my head.  My mom doesn't know how old I am cause I am adopted.  She says I am about 5 or so.  Hi, I am Lily and I am about a year and a half.  I am adopted, too. I have thick white fur.  Mom thinks I have some Teddy fur mixed in.  What does that mean mom?
We would love to meet some cute boars...what!  you girls can't do that unless there are chaperones!.. We will be good mom they will have chap whatever.  We can bring a big bunch of dandelion leaves to share.  We have lots in our yard.  

Mom here, my girls can go if there are chaperones for them.  Are all the piggies bringing credit cards? They have no experience with them or cash.  Have to give them lessons. 

PigAir has a landing strip near our house and many of my previous piggies went on trips.
 Avalanche, thank you for arranging the Halloween party.  You have a special mom to do this for all of us!
Mom Dee for Josie and Lily.

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