[Gpdd] Health: Raani had a bladder stone

Mieke Staaks pandameisje at gmail.com
Thu Oct 10 16:25:46 EDT 2019

Hi girls,

I just wanted to let you know that we took Raani to the vet last Monday.
She stopped eating and was losing weight again.
We were afraid she had another bladder stone, we also felt the big lump in
her urethra. The vet wasn't really sure but he couldn't say for sure that
it wasn't a stone so he said they would take an X-ray. When we came back
for the results he said he had good and bad news: we were right. It was
really far in her urethra and about the size of a smallish marble.
They were already rescheduling appointments, so he could operate on her to
get the stone out. He then asked 'you do want me to operate? I just assumed
you would want me to'.
The operation went well, he was able to get the stone out through her back
end, so there are no wounds to tend to. I do believe it is still sore. She
did scare them then, they were happy they got out the stone fairly easy,
and they noticed she had stopped breathing... Luckily it didn't last too
long and she started breathing again!
Right now she seems to be doing a lot better, she is more active, and will
eat veggies again. Though she won't eat carrots, because I guess she feels
they are beneath her... But she will eat other veggies, hay and pellets.
She did have some smaller stones in her bladder, which she might be able to
pass. We are giving her eurologist/shilingtong for that. She also gets
painkillers to stop it being sore and also to ease the pain she might have
from her saddleback.
But fingers crossed she seems to be doing okay now!

Still with Raani and the others Cookie and Binky

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