[Gpdd] MISC: Halloween (Dee)

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Tue Oct 22 19:24:50 EDT 2019

Hi Josie--  Willie is a gentle older boar who would love to accompany you.  And his friend, Mr. Beasley is young and energetic, and would enjoy dancing with Lily, if the two of you aren't already claimed :D                       Mary Ann, for Wille and Pumpkin Spice Beasley

  1. MISC: Halloween (Dee)
Lily and I (Josie) are so excited to come to the Halloween party.  We hoped we would hear from some gentle-boars who would like to take us to the party.  We didn't get a message so are all the boars taken?  I am hoping for a gentle older boar as I am a senior pig.  Lily is young and fast so will need a boar who can keep up with her on the dance floor.  Mom is giving us a pre-paid credit card so we can go shopping but not spend too much.  What fun!
See you soon,Josie and Lily in Massachusetts.Mom is typing for us.

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