[Gpdd] MISC: Halloween / Josee and Lily

Carol Riley bearkat1 at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 22 17:22:25 EDT 2019

Good day ladies,
Avalanche here - do not fear! There are many boars that will be wanting attention from you both! If I may, however, I would like to extend a paw to you Josee, to be my date for the entire trip. My mom is originally from MA and said she would be very proud if I asked you to be my date - will you please? I am 6 years old this year and promise to be a gentle pig....but I do like to tear it up now and again :) 
And do not worry Lily. There are many fine young boars that she will be able to have fun with. For example, the Piggyfriends have some young boars that will be vying for a dance, a walk, and will even offer her favorite food! Briefly looking over the guest list, boars outnumber the sows more than 2 to 1, so no worries!
Don't forget everyone - please send along your critter's name, sex, type of critter if other than a guinea pig, and anything else to the digest or to my mom at bearkat1 at yahoo.com.  
Avalanche and his mom"Avalanche, what are you doing?""Uh nothing mom. Just looking up what a Panda looks like.""Huh?"

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