[Gpdd] MISC: Halloween 2019 prelude

Carol Riley bearkat1 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 11 20:37:47 EDT 2019

Please forgive me GPDD moderators as I originally sent this post to the wrong email for the organization...
"I don't know Avalanche. Do you really think we can do that?" Nugget asked.
"Why not? I have my mom's charge card. We can do whatever we want," Avalanche replied.
"We brought ours too!" Zach and Billy said. Nugget held up the credit card he brought. Not to be outdone, Cosmo and Casper each waved charge cards in their paws. "Hey where did you all get those?" Stuart Little asked. "Never mind!" they replied together.
There was a map laid on the floor. Zach and Casper pawed the spot for the Halloween party. "Here, right?" "Yep. This year is going to be … riiiight…...where your paws are," Avalanche answered. "What do you think?"
Nugget looked at Stuart Little and they both nodded. Cosmo and Casper nodded as well. Zach and Billy raised paws in agreeance. "Good. So in October, we will start the festivities at …."
"Just what are you up to Avalanche? Boys, do your parents know you're here? Where did all these charge cards come from?" Avalanche's mom stared hard at them all.
"Uh, hi Avalanche's mom. Uh we were invited to a sleep over...." Zach started. All the other pigs shook their heads in agreeance. "Yeah," "Yes that's right" "...and Avalanche was showing us how to read a map!"
"Oh sure...and you need credit cards to read a map?" Avalanche's mom stood there, giving them all stink eye. "Man, your mom gives a wicked stink eye Avalanche," Nugget whispered. "Yeah, I know." 
"Give me the cards...now! You boys call your parents and let them know you are here. I'll get some extra hay for you all."
"Mum's gonna be mad when she finds out we nicked her credit cards," Cosmo said. 
"My dad's gonna have a cow!" Avalanche said. "What does that mean?" Stuart Little asked. "He's gonna be REALLY mad! I just got out of trouble for the last time I got the card and had Oxbow put me on a weekly hay delivery...of every type they had!"
The boars all wheeked, giggling and laughing. "This is going to be fun this Halloween," Nugget said. "Yep." "Yeah." "All right.""Come on. Let's start planning the activities...."   

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