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grace ramp gracetheface at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 19 13:19:36 EDT 2019

I am so pleased to announce that I have finally been able to get my 5 girls into a cohesive herd.  For years they each had their own cage and every time I tried to put them together a vicious fight would ensue.  I just wasn't doing the introductions the right way.  I decided to set up a very large playpen with tons of food, treats and hay. I put them in one at a time very slowly.  They were so busy eating they didn't pay attention to each other.  There were a few times they got a little aggressive but no actual fights.  It has been a week now and I'm so pleased they can be together.  They used to cry for food or treats all day.  I think it was from boredom.  Now they only wheek when they hear me fixing their food.  And the absolute best part is I sometimes see two of them sharing one house.  They are all buddies now. Thank you all for your help and advice over the years.  Grace, Miss Thing, Honey Bear, Mama, Mini Me and Honey Bear

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