[Gpdd] MISC.: Calling all critters

bunny rabbit calliope996 at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 30 08:27:34 EDT 2019

Nugget and Stuart Little are very excited about the Halloween festivities!

Stuart Little has not been well, but he really hopes he will be able to 

Stuart Little is a white pig with pink/red eyes. He has lost weight, so 
we are supplementing with Critical Care, which is his favorite food at 
the moment. He is two years old and likes resting under various types of 
cardboard boxes.

Nugget is four and mostly white but technically a tricolor with a black 
and caramel "mask." His favorite food is what he is being served! He 
also has become easygoing and likes his wood "A-frame."

They are very good brothers to one another. Stuart Little is the quieter 
one but has been more talkative lately. (Oh, they are both shorthaired 

Thank you, Carol and Avalanche, for hosting the party!

Cindy, secretary to Nugget and Stuart Little

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