[Gpdd] MISC: Floor time, bad weather, checking in

Carol Riley bearkat1 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 2 10:35:07 EDT 2020

Hello everyone,
Ellen and anyone else in the way of bad weather, very good to hear you and your crew are all well. I bet a new cage is going to be be a lot of fun!
Cindy and boys - it's great to read you are having such fun with your floor time. I know some of mine loved it and some were just not too interested. I think the funniest pair were 2 sisters from several years ago. As soon as they hit the floor they took off in opposite directions, talking and chatting the whole way, until they found a special spot for themselves. And Cindy, getting them back to their cage area is going to make you a creative mommy!
Hope the summer time weather doesn't affect any of our friends in a negative way. Take care of yourselves.
Carol"Hey everyone!"  Avalanche

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