[Gpdd] MISC: Floor time

Dee joedee1986 at verizon.net
Sun Aug 2 12:22:55 EDT 2020

Hi everyone,
Josie and Lily don't care much for floor time. Josie is an 'elderly' lady and mostly stays in one small area. She is the one on Metacam for her arthritis (one drop twice a week).  Lily feels most comfortable in their cage.  I put their tunnels on the floor and she stays there most of the time.  Catching Lily to take her out of her cage is a traumatic experience for both of us!
I have had other piggies that loved floor time and were little escape artists running off behind the fridge or down the hall.  Had to put up wire walls to keep them in.  I put a old flannel sheet on the kitchen floor and Josie and Lily don't stray.

I am on the east coast of Mass. not far from RI boarder and will probably get some much needed rain from Isaias.  Waiting to see.
So happy to have my piggie friends to keep me company during Covid-19 shutdown!
Wishing you and animal friends well.
Dee, Josie and Lily

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