[Gpdd] MISC: More on floor time

Carol Riley bearkat1 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 13 20:39:05 EDT 2020

Cindy, Nugget, and Scottie,
I love reading how much the boys are enjoying their floor time. I am not surprised they settled into it quickly. Our little ones are very smart and pick up on things quickly, especially if they are something that is repeated and has enjoyment for them.
 Avalanche didn't mind when my husband "showed him the box" (his carry box we put him in to change his cage) and picked him up. That meant fresh hay and pellets! Every night when I would go to pick him up for his mommy time, he would run all over the cage like he was going to be tortured. It wouldn't take maybe a minute once he was out to settle and take a nap. He did this every night for over 6 years. 
I bet every one of us has a story like this :)  Hope all are well.
CarolAvalanche "Oh mom you knew I loved to be picked up"

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