[Gpdd] misc: floor time reading

j s jesguineapig at gmail.com
Fri Aug 14 12:52:38 EDT 2020

We love hearing the floor time stories. Keep them coming.
We just got our power back. Bad storms here in IA.
We had a neighbor's tree branch fall on the front of the house. took our
front roof part and gutters off.  So waiting on ins to come look at it.
Its been an adventure. this year has been an adventure. Our truck was hit 2
months ago from a kid with no car insurance. so we were out of a truck due
to we had liability on the truck  ITs been a ruff year for us here.
Prayers for all who are dealing with alot  right now.
I keep looking at the blessings.. no one hurt... roof and car can be
replaced.  Just take a piggie in my arms and the world is good again.
I miss seeing my family. Due to covid not traveling.  My daughter is so sad
I can not come see her.
I just have to keep looking at positives that this too will pass.
Prayers for all to keep positive during all this. I know I am trying...
hugs to all
Jean and the misfits

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