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I bought the Kaytee Timothy based feed at the pet store because I had
waited too long to order the pellets, but my little guys wouldn't eat
much of it and I ended up throwing it out. So because of a problem with
ordering on American Pet Diner's website, I tried pellets from Oxbow.
Both American Pet Diner's and Oxbows pellets are well received from my
little pigs, :). 

The quality of the Timothy hay was a little better with Oxbow, but that
could be variable. I had only gotten Timothy hay once from American Pet
Diner, with the Alfalfa hay I originally ordered from American Pet Diner
being high quality. I order 25 lbs at a time, so it lasts quite a while
with my two little guys.

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Has anyone asked their vet about the new Timothy based feeds that are
out in stores now?  I noticed that they were available in my area
yesterday and I'm getting to the point where I need more food.  I
usually get Oxbow since that is what the vet recommends but the shipping
costs nearly the same amount as the food!  I've noticed people asking
about on here before but haven't seen any responses.  I'm going to try
to get in touch with my vet this week to see what she says.

In terms of Oxbow, I've been considering whether or not it would be
worthwhile to start some sort of a group where everyone in my area could
order from Oxbow at the same time and get hopefully :-) a break on
shipping costs.  I'm in southern North Carolina near Fort Bragg.  Does
this possibility sound good to anyone?

Sundae, Vanilla, and Cocoa

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