[Gpdd] CARE: fleece bedding

Susan Glancy sglancy at pinn.net
Sat Oct 9 09:04:34 EDT 2004

Since the addition of our 4th pig, Sarah, I have expanded our cage.  For 
those of you familiar with the C & C cages on cavycages.com our cage was a 2 
X 4 grid cage with a 1 X 4 grid upper level.  It's now a 3 X 4 grid with a 4 
X 1 X 3 grid upper level. This equates to about 5 1/2 ft by 4 1/2 ft on the 
lower level.  So, it's PLENTY big for the 4 girls although soon my son's 
room will be one large guinea pig cage :)

So, anyway onto my question... I now realize it's going to be even more 
expensive to provide bedding for such a large cage.  I currently use pine 
and aspen on the bottom level and towels on top.  For a while I used only 
towels in the old cage; however, if they were not changed daily (at a 
minimum) they began to smell and of course were damp in spots.  I read on a 
guinea pig forum that fleece seems to work well.  People that use it seem to 
use a combination of layers:  fleece, towel, towel, fleece.  Some even sew 
these together to make a "mat".  They say the fleece absorbs the urine well 
and the layers "lock in" the smell to a degree.  They still need changed 
about every 3 days in their opinion.  Has anyone or does anyone use fleece 
and could you share your thoughts (pros and cons)?  Or does anyone else know 
of a less expensive alternative?  I know bedding is one of those topics that 
seems to resurface every so often on this digest b/c we're all looking for 
an economical bedding that our pigs approve of.  I'd appreciate any 

Sue, Sniffles, Poopsie, Red Archery Girl, Sarah
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