[Gpdd] (Behaviour) Pigs that fight

Rebecca Wilmot rebecca.wilmot at permabondeurope.co.uk
Thu Oct 28 04:31:24 EDT 2004


Hi GP's

I was reading about Brownie Bear's latest attack on Butterscotch pig.
Leah - I am sorry to hear they still can't get on.  I think meeting on
mutual territory is better for both pigs. I find when Jimmy gets in
Wilf's cage he wees everywhere out of spite and leaves giant guinea
sausages in Wilf's bed.  Although they don't fight this is quite
antisocial behaviour.

When they are free-ranging there is much less argy-bargy and as long as
there are a variety of good hidey boxes so they have each got somewhere
to go the friction should be reduced. Also I recommend emergency escape
tubes that are a smaller diameter than Brownie's girth so only
Butterscotch can fit through and boxes with 'Rat-holes' cut to
Butterscotch size. 

Hope things start to improve soon

Bec, Jimmy and Wilf.


Rebecca Wilmot


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