[Gpdd] Behavior: Re:Chirping

BARRINGER JAMIE MAE barringj at ucsu.colorado.edu
Fri Oct 29 12:22:06 EDT 2004

I think the chirping is the girls calling all the guys to let them know
she will be receptive to their attentins soon. A lot of mammals do this,
and I have noticed that both my girls have chirping sessions, once a month
or so for each pig. They usually start at about midnight or 2am, and chirp
for as long as half an hour. Sonja is breathier than Brunhilde, and
doesn't usually chirp for as long. Brunhilde usually chirps for 10-30
minutes or so, and will do several chirping sessions in one night. If I
peek in to see her, she stops and looks at me all innocent-like. She's
usually a lot fluffier at that point than usual (she's an abby-longhair
mix). Neither boy seems to be 'getting any' during all this- perhaps the
girls are only interested in the boys they can't have?

-Jamie, with Sonja, Brunhilde, Max, Gus and Freddy, and Petunia the

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