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juliejohnson12 at bigpond.com juliejohnson12 at bigpond.com
Tue Jan 14 05:56:21 EST 2014

I have problems with Kimba and Sooty and I need some urgent advice.
On Christmas Day, I found Kimba in his cage, and he looked like he was hiccupping, or could it have been fitting?   The front half of his body was steady, but from the middle of his abdo down he jerked about 10 times before finally settling.     I picked him up, didn't know what was wrong, put him back with his favourite grass.   Kimba was not interested in eating it.  So spent the day keeping close watch.   He just slept all day, didn't eat very much at all.    It was terribly hot, so I thought perhaps he is too hot (over a 2 or 3 week period we had temperatures of between 36 & 44 degrees celcius).  Christmas Day was around 32 degrees but humidity very high.
I took all my 4 boys in their cages into my bedroom, throwing everything off the bedside tables and bringing in extra tables to accommodate their cages, because I have air conditioning in my bedroom.  I kept my piggies in my room until I felt the temperature more acceptable and safe for them.   All was well (I thought).  They all picked up in my room, eating well.   I made sure to change the air flow on the conditioner to straight down the wall to the floor so there was no air on them, but I took the precaution of covering their cages at places where I thought they might be too exposed.   I kept the air temperature at 24 degrees celcius.
Sooty always has respiratory problems, on top of his terrible diarrhoea/mush problems.   He is the most cutest little pig - runt of his litter - so gutsy, doesn't like eating grass, he stays in his cage all day sleeping until feed time around 5pm.   Then all I have to do is go out there with their food, call his name, and zoom.......... he's outta that wigwam climbing the sides of his cage.  
Sooty had his normal breathing problems, nothing different.
I think I'll split this posting because it's too long - I just blab too much but I try to give all the relevant information to help you clever and experienced people offer advice.
Julie :-)

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