[Gpdd] [HEALTH] Kimba and Sooty and Flagyl

Ann Evans ann.evans at hintlink.com
Tue Jan 14 16:12:14 EST 2014

My Dearest Julie,
Flagyl is fine for piggys. However, I do not know what concentration and 
dose that you are giving. Yes it is used for infections of the 
gastrointestinal system. The typical dose is 20mg/kg orally twice a day 
for 5-14 days.In the U.K. Flagyl comes as a 40mg/ml solution. However it 
is not the same antibiotic as tribrissen., though tribissen is also used 
to treat gastrointestinal tract infections in piggys. I do not think 
that you damaged Kimba by giving him antibiotics. I think it is a very 
good idea that you take both Sooty and Kimba to the see the vet. Keep up 
the probiotics and giving them both their favorite foods especially the 
dandelion for Kimba. Makes sure they are getting lots of water to drink. 
Kimba could be slightly dehydrated that is why he is not putting out 
fecal pellets.Have you checked to see if he is slighly bloated? Peter 
Gurney recommends One dose of 0.5ml mineral oil to get things moving. 
Sooty may need some chromamphenicol eye ointment and be evaluate for a 
sinus infection.. But I do not see any reason why you should be thinking 
about having your boys put to sleep. They love to snuggle with you in 
spite of the fact that they have health problems. They are both eating 
and drinking. You have done wonders with them through their many health 
problems. I think you just need a calm and experienced vet to evaluate 
I volunteer as a consulting rodentologist to Drs. Danielson and Saleh 
D.V.M. of Ehrlich Animal Hospital Tampa, Florida.


Ann and the Rescued Piggys of Piggyville, Tampa Florida USA

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