[Gpdd] MISC Lynn

Penny Charlesworth piggyfriends48 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 20 13:49:47 EST 2014

We are so pleased that your heart condition is improving. Wonderful news!

We are also glad that Eve seems to be OK again.

Regarding the hay - my herd do not have mangers but they have fresh hay
every day when the pens are cleaned. I always give out more hay if I am
going out as well as some more before bedtime.

They will all rush and eat the new hay as though they are starving, even
though it is exactly the same as that which they already have - they just
think that anything new has to be better. So, I would not worry if your
girls are ignoring they manger as long as they are eating hay.

Hugs for Callie and Eve and good health to you, Lynn.

Penny and the Piggyfriends.

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