[Gpdd] MISC: CAPT. JACK: My Beloved Friend and Hero - part one

corrine sakumoto oreochockc at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 4 19:59:16 EST 2014

A little over three years ago, Michael called me and said there was someone trying to get rid of a guinea pig because he had gotten it for his daughter and she was tired of it so she no longer wanted him so did I want him? otherwise he was thinking of letting him go in the 'wilderness’ and I just smiled and said, you know my answer so I left it up to him.  So yes, that’s how Capt. Jack became a part of our lives.  He was about a year old and seemed quite mellow and also quite big I thought.  He came with a different name but my thinking is new home, new name.

He had a black patch over one eye, sort of like a pirate, just in case you’re wondering.  :)  And yes, that is how we spell his name.

I was amazed that he was put on carefresh but he was given little hay and of course alfalfa pellets because, well, that’s the most common type sold.  He had also lived in a carport.  So I was more than happy to welcome him to our family.  A few months later he had blood in his pee so the vet (this one we like but he’s the first to admit that he doesn’t know that much about guinea pigs) took an x ray and discovered a stone in his bladder.  He was put on antibiotics and I began to syringe him water around the clock to help keep his insides ‘moist’.  I also changed his water bottle at least twice a day so that he’d always have ‘fresh’ water.  But after a few months, he had blood in his pee again.  He took another x ray and saw the stone in the same spot.  So he consulted with a surgical vet we had known on the island of Oahu when we lived there years ago and they decided it looks like the stone is embedded in his bladder so it’s
 best to leave it alone.  So I just tried my best to always make sure he had fresh water and soon Capt. Jack began to look forward to his syringes of water.  In fact, since I’m so forgetful, he’d politely stand up and look at me when I would walk past him so I’d pet him, wondering how cute he is to say hi to me but also wondering why he keeps doing that, until I look at the clock and say oh yeah! I forgot to syringe you water!  So yes, the little guy would remind his forgetful mommy many times!  As always, we’d be mindful of his situation but always tried our best to keep him hydrated.  He loved his corn silk and corn husk which we know is good for him.

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