[Gpdd] MISC Re Julie's request

Penny Charlesworth piggyfriends48 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 12 18:31:30 EDT 2015

Dear Julie,

As you know, my "Piggyfriends" is a rescue although I have had to run it
down of late, with advancing years and recent surgery but I could not run
it without a really good vet and Rodentologist to call upon for procedures
that I cannot do myself.

The CCT run assorted courses and workshops but, as far as I know, you would
need to attend in person - not very feasible.

Here is a link to their website....


Vedra does produce a somewhat expensive book and one can buy the necessary
tools for dental work.

I hope that a student in Australia might get in touch with you. Maybe our
Ann knows of someone? I now that Glynis has a good vet but she must be many
miles away from you.

Please don't consider starting up a rescue until you have the necessary
people in place as it is sure to end in heartbreak, something you can well
do without after the loss of your precious boys. All of us on the GPDD are
there with advice whenever you need it but there is no substitute for hands
on experience.

Don't forget that rescue piggies often come with a host of
illnesses/problems needing instant attention. I've lost count of the
Piggyfriends who have arrived here pregnant, infested with bugs, very sick
and needing immediate veterinary attention......the list is endless and you
must be prepared for this to happen to you. Could you deal with a difficult
birth, a piggy so infested with parasites that they are fitting or a boar
with a stone.....there is so much that can turn up at your door. Can you
acquire the cupboard full of meds that you might need?

I know how much you miss having piggies around but please do not take on
more than you can handle. Take it a step at a time.

All the best. Keep us all updated. I do hope that you find a good vet or
rodentologist for your venture.

Penny and the Piggyfriends.

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