[Gpdd] Misc Eddie and Nugget just checking in

Christine Burton christineburton83 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 10 12:43:03 EDT 2017

Hi Cindy and your two boys and luita and Dee.lovley hearing from you both.
Peter had already died when I found his books but they had a big effect on
how I looked after my guinea pigs from then on.my girls seem happikysorted
into two pairs now and I have put a big cage and run in two separate rooms
now but they visit each other in free time. I tried putting all four back
together but it meant having the two big cages and a very large run to stop
them getting too bossy nipping or having a stand off .I don't have big
rooms and it took up half,!! So this way they get enough space and it's
more maneable for the poorly slave and they get a lot of excercise running
down the hall to visit the other pair. They seem quite content with it. I
don't feel as if I live IN a guinea pig run. I hope everyone is fairly well
in these troubled times.I live in England....North Wales to be correct. I
saw a newspaper article were a man had bought several female guinea pigs
from a petstore thinking he was doing the right thing having a small herd
and low and behold ended up with,can't remember, I think it was
eighty,which went to various rescues.They had been sexed wrong and he
hadn't realised how young they can breed.Shame with rescues so full already
but at least he didn't dump them. I read of one being found in the toilet
of a shopping mall. Love to all Chris lottie,Lola,Tina,Oreo.

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