[Gpdd] SILLY: taking pigtures of piggies

bunny rabbit calliope996 at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 28 14:26:57 EDT 2017

So I am missing everyone again, as are Eddie and Nugget.

But, a silly story.  Yesterday the boys had floortime, and Nugget 
decided to stand on the wooden table with his full body to eat pellets 
and drink water. I did get a couple of photos of him, then decided to 
try to get one from above. I pressed the shutter, but he ran off, so 
what did my camera show? Yes, an empty wood table.

The good news is that Eddie, who hasn't really approved of floortime 
since Ethan left, is now enjoying it again. It is sweet to see him at 
one end of the "hay trough" and Nugget at the other, or, occasionally, 
side by side at their table.

Eddie usually decides first that he has had enough of floortime, and if 
I set their PVC tube on the floor, he runs into it. Now Nugget has 
learned to do the same. However, both piggies prefer to first run into 
their carrier, which is also on the floor, and be PVC-transferred from 
there.  Picky!

My story for today.

Hope everyone/everypig is doing well.

Cindy, Eddie, and Nugget

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