[Gpdd] SILLY: taking pigtures of piggies

ME buddies at buddies.org
Wed Aug 30 03:27:28 EDT 2017

Cute story, Cindy.  I've gotten those pictures, too.  My Daisy has gotten used to her new companions and is behaving like her old self like Eddie has ... though she now demands human attention ... and she gets it, of course.

Sapphire and Pearl are coming along.  They constantly ask for food, even if they just got some ... though they haven't learned the really demanding wheek or the silent stare yet ... I'm sure Daisy will teach it to them in due time.  They now eat their vitamin C gummy without me forcing it into their mouths, though I still have to place it behind their incisors (though Pearl has almost started to grab it) ... I have to do the same for Daisy as well ... she doesn't grab it like Ebony, Sequoia, and Minnie did.  They're becoming pretty trusting now.  They still run away at first, but don't resist as much when cornered.  Pearl has even put her front paws on my hand a couple times ... not consistently like Daisy, but it took time for her to learn it, too ... seems strange that she's the veteran now ... seems like it was yesterday that she was the young whippersnapper ... but she's already turned 5.

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