[Gpdd] [HEALTH] Eddies urine

Ann Evans ann.evans at hintlink.com
Sun Feb 5 09:53:23 EST 2017

Hi Cindy,
Piggys always have crystals in their urine. They get rid of all the 
extra minerals in their diet through their kidneys whereas humans get 
rid of extra minerals by the gall bladder. I would suggest that you give 
him 0.5 ml of hydrangea extract orally once/day for a week then 0.2 
ml/day until he is back to normal. Then give him 0.1ml hydrangea 2-3 
times a week for life. Hydrangea helps the crystals and sludge in his 
bladder to be flushed out. So the first time you give it to him you will 
see a thick white to cream deposit when he urinates.. You can mix it 
with juice if you wish but most piggys take it straight. Make sure he 
gets a minimum of 40 ml of water/day. Most of that water will come from 
watermelon and leafy greens but also syringe him water. The water he 
drinks must be treated by reverse osmosis or distilled. This is the only 
water he should drink for life. All my piggys are raised on RO water. 
Most tap water is loaded with minerals. I order hydrangea extract from 
Vitacost.com Nature's Answer Hydrangea Root 2000mg 

1 fluid ounce is $7. Best of health.

I am not a vet just a rodentologist with 30 years experience.
Cheers, Ann of Piggyville

PS: Piggyville.com is down. I am changing servers and need to rebuild 
the page. At the same time I am moving into our new home in North Carolina.

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