[Gpdd] MISC: Halloween 2018 farewells

Carol Riley bearkat1 at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 3 21:24:32 EDT 2018

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Until then....

The group woke up VERY late the following day...not even morning time! "What's a pig to take for a big headache?" Billy moaned. "A little hair of the dog that bit you," replied Uriel, handing Billy a bottle of carrot wine. "Oh gosh no, no, no," Billy said.  
Avalanche's mom stood staring at the group, giving the disapproving human look. "Hmm. No surprise. Feeling a little rough this morning?" she said as she started clapping her hands very loudly. "Ugh nooooooo! No, mommy, no!" Avalanche said with his head between his paws. His mom continued, "And what am I going to tell all of your parents? I already had to cancel travel arrangements for this morning and contact your parents. At some point your parents won't let you come any more if you keep this up."
"Uh ma'am," Story Piggie Kiwi said while tugging on her pants leg, "I think all our parents figured we would maybe try to stay longer. But please don't tell my mom about the carrot wine!" Kiwi started to cry, making Avalanche's mom feel very badly. She picked up Kiwi and kissed her on the head. "OK. I promise I won't tell your parents...THIS time!"  
The group moved slowly to the dining room, snacking slowly on pellets, hay, and some veggies; however, no one touched the carrots. Several drank a lot of water. Ethan was secretly glad at the moment he could only eat pellet because his tummy was still a bit upset after last night. Cookie and Binky looked very tired, while Raani was over with Ralphy patting his back to try to make him feel better. The Piggy Friends looked at each other - it was going to be a LONG trip home for everyone! 
Old Ben snickered at the group, having only had a small amount as he remembered what a kick carrot wine had. "Avalanche's mom, I don't think this group will have any issues with carrot wine any more," he laughed. "I remember what it was like the first time I drank too much of it....whew! Never again!"
It took well over an hour for breakfast to be done and the group slowly made their way to get their bags packed. Most brought their luggage back to the dining room and stuffed the bags with veggies and pellets for the trip home. A pig can never had enough food! 
As the limos arrived, pigs lined up and hugged their host on their way out the door. Some cried but all promised to stay in touch. "I got a tablet. You can hit me up any time," Rocky said to all his friends. Everyone agreed to contact Rocky soon. As Andrea was leaving, she gave Avalanche an extra long hug and a lick on his ear. He blushed, not knowing what to do. "I'll wheek to you soon, cutie!" she said as she went the door. Nugget and Kiwi held paws for a very long time before Stuart Little poked him hard to get his attention. "C'mon. Mom's waiting!" 
After the last pig left, Avalanche stood staring out the window. "Come on little boy, mommy's been missing her snuggle time." 

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