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Sun Sep 2 14:10:30 EDT 2018

I finally adopted a new little girl last week from someone who seemed ill equipped to care for her.  She is a sweet brown girl with sort of black stripes.  I had been trying to think of a name for her but she decided for me.  MAMA!!!   She had a tiny baby this morning.  I didn't know she was pregnant!!  She had an odd shape but I attributed it to poor care.  Wrong.  Thank goodness she only had one.  I know that if it is a boy I will have to have him neutered.  If it's a girl I can just keep them all together with no fuss.  I'll take Mama and Mini Me (the baby is an exact replica of mom)  to the vet this week to have the baby sexed and give Mama a post birth exam.  I had planned to take her in anyway because I didn't trust the previous owner's statement that she had a male and a female but they were never together.  I went from 3 piggies to 2 and then 1 and then back to 2 and this morning 3 again. I have never cared for a newborn before so any advice will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks🐖Granny Grace
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