[Gpdd] MISC: Halloween 2019 prelude continues

Carol Riley bearkat1 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 16 21:51:49 EDT 2019

"Nugget, what's wrong with your brother? What? What do you mean you don't know? Well, he's coming right? Oh OK. Well, if your mom says no, you and me will bust him out. I bet we could get some of the Piggyfriends to help.""We'll see Avalanche. I know he'll be disappointed if he can't. He is really looking forward to stopping off in....""Nugget? Nugget? Where did you get to?""Gotta go Avalanche!"
"Cookie, stop crying. Raani will be fine in time for the party. I know mom will let her go. We just have to take her medicine....*sigh* yeah, so anyway Avalanche, I can teach you the really neat spin. I bet we can get a lot of sows interested in us.""You think so Binky? I'm not that good of a dancer. I'm all paws....""No problem. I bet Cookie and Raani will show the sows the spin too so we can all do it when we get to....""Binky! I'm telling mom!""Cookie go see how Raani is doing. Avalanche wants to know. Sisters!"
"No Ralphy, I don't know if Sugar has a date. Nope, she didn't say.""Well, we live in the same state. We can fly together. Maybe I can get her attention....""Oh I bet she will like you Ralphy. You're an OK pig, you know? Hey, bet she will really pay attention to you when you tell her this year we are going to....""Avalanche! I am missing my credit card, boy. Where are you?""Dang! Gotta go, dad is really mad this time!"
My mom apologizes she didn't send healing wheeks to Stuart Little and Raani earlier. She hasn't been on the computer much lately as her and dad have been busy doing errands and "choring" - I say choring is boring....so don't do it...wait, it's ok to clean my cage.
Please send your attending critter(s) information either via the digest or directly to my mom at: bearkat1 at yahoo.com. If possible, please send by October 26th.
Carol and Avalanche*Kiss* you are my favorite boyMom, no kissing me on the head on front of my friends, OK?OK Avalanche, how about on the nose? Or the cheek?MOM! You are sooooo embarrassing.Go back to sleep. 

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