[Gpdd] MISC: Halloween 2019

Carol Riley bearkat1 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 30 01:27:43 EDT 2019

Day one - Arrivals and Greetings
"Avalanche" tap, tap. "Avalanche" tap, tap.  "Avalanche" poke, poke.
"Mom, I'm up, I'm up. Why are you poking me?"
"Wake up sleepy head. Today all your friends arrive for the Halloween festivities!"
"Oh snap! I've overslept! I have all this stuff to do...."
"Avalanche, your dad and I have taken care of everything for you. BUT....you ARE getting a bath this morning..."
"NO MOM NO!" Diving under the hay, Avalanche tried to escape but no luck. He got a bath and then sulked in a corner until the first guests arrived."Hey Avalanche!" Ralphy Lauren tapped on the window, peered inside, and waved. "Avalanche!" Ralphy waved again and Avalanche ran to the door to open it. "Hi again. Hey this is my friend and MY date, Sugar. we both flew in together." "Hi," Sugar said very sweetly. "Come on in. There's hay over there and water there, and some pellets there. Mom said we have to wait until everyone arrives for the fruit and veggies."Shortly after, a commotion was heard outside. The Prairie Pigs had arrived at the same time as the Piggyfriends. There were hugs and pawshakes, and wheeks galore. Avalanche couldn't wheek over the noise so Ralphy Lauren took a carrot and hit a piece of nearby metal. Startled, every pig just started at him. "Uh, sorry. I got carried away," he mumbled. Before the pigs could get inside, Willie and Josee arrived riding Sweetie and Mr. Beasley and Lily were riding Clover. "Hey, neat ride! I bet you can really get moving on those cats!" "Don't tell our mom! She doesn't know we snuck them along for the party," Mr. Beasley said. "We really wanted to show off to our dates," Willie whispered to Carter. "You know how that is." Carter just smiled knowingly, looking at Saoirse and Aoife. "I certainly do!"The Misfits arrived next, each with a neat little suitcase and looking very mysterious. "Hey, why are they looking like they are hiding something?" Pavarotti asked Edvard. "Probably because we are!" Nutcake answered. "We have special, secret costumes." "Oh yeah? Well we do too!" Pavarotti said. "Don't we Bonnie? Right? Right?" Bonnie told him to shush because their costumes were secrets too and no one was supposed to know.The Piggyfriends huddled in one corner, looking up now and then, whispering. Bonnie started with "I didn't bring a costume, did you Hazel?" "Nope, I didn't, did you Martin?" "Uh, naw." Hazel and Bonnie chattered their teeth in unison. "Well, we have a little time to think about it," Miss Marple said. "I am sure we will come up with something very special," Bon Bon told them."We're here! We're here!" Marinella announced as she and Chap entered the room. "My! I am starving!" "Woof! Woof!" Bella said and she ran in behind Marinella and Chap, Charlie flying over her head. "Bella said she is hungry too," Charlie translated."Mom said we have to wait until everyone is here," Avalanche told them. "We are still waiting for a few more to arrive." And so they all waited...and waited...and waited...until finally...Tap, tap, tap on the door. Very softly. Avalanche opened the door and saw Binky and Cookie. "Uh, I got the news. I am really, really sorry," Avalanche muttered. "Us too." The room was very quiet. Younger pigs looked at older ones, not really sure what to do. Fortunately, Avalanche's mom came in soon after with a very VERY large platter of cut fruits and veggies, as well as some bird seed, and gourmet cat food and dog food on special plates. "I have been waiting all day to say this: Pig out!" The room was filled with munching and crunching. At one point, Lenny started to ask, "Hey where's Nug...."  "Oh no, no, no Lenny," Avalanche said. "That's a secret mission that I can't tell right now. You all will just have to wait." After eating to beyond their fill, every one started looking around for a spot to nap. There were many hay piles, a perch, a dog bed, and some comfy blankets for all to use to get cozy. Soon after, soft breathing was the only sound.The Piggyfriends, prompted by the pouting of Miss Marple, decided to find out what costumes the Misfits and the Prairie pigs brought. "So Cosmo, you and I will go sneak over to Chocolate Pudding and see if we can get her suitcase, OK?" Casper said. "Then you" he said pointing to Bella (the guinea pig) "go over to Jasper or Heathcliffe and see what you can find out." "What do I do?" Bounty asked. "You stand guard."  The group sneaked quietly to the different areas in the room."Wheeeek! Wheeeeeek!" Chocolate Pudding shrieked. "Woof!" Bella the dog said, jumping out of her bed at full attention. Suddenly, there was complete chaos. Within a minute, Avalanche's mom came running towards the room. "What? What happened? Who is hurt?" she called as she ran down the hallway. Chocolate Pudding was holding her suitcase tightly and then swung it and hit Casper. "You! You don't touch my suitcase!" she hollered. Casper wheeked and ducked behind Mangus. "Now Miss Pudding, I think there is a misunderstanding," Martin said. "Yes there is. He misunderstood this is my suitcase!"Avalanche's mom suddenly gave several of the guinea pigs a very stern stink eye. "Just what are you up to, young man?" she asked Kiwi. "Uh, nothing, I'm not up to anything, honest." "Hmmm. I know how to settle this." She too all the suitcases, carry cases and anything else that could hold a costume and locked them in another room. "There. Now you all better get some rest because we have some travelling to do later today." It took some time until all were settled back down. Finally, they all continued their naps.

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