[Gpdd] MISC: Halloween 2019 part 2

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Thu Oct 31 00:34:37 EDT 2019

Day one continued - Outlaw Pigs"Wake up. Wake up. We have a little bit of a ride ahead." Avalanche's mom and dad started waking everyone up. "Oh but I only slept an hour" Addison said and yawned. "I need another nap." "Not yet little one. We need to load up on the bus and you can go back to napping then. Bring everything with you. Oh, and I already loaded everyone's costumes and they are locked...up...tight," Avalanche's mom said as she stared at Cosmo, Casper, and Bella. Bella tried to look as innocent as she could, while Cosmo and Casper just looked everywhere else.
There were only small carry bags for everyone to load onto the bus, except for Bella the dog, who had some saddle bags. Different pigs were trying to bribe Bella to store extra fruits and veggies just for them, but she wasn't going to play favorites. Andrea and Nutcake even tried bribing Charlie, hoping he would talk Bella into carrying some extra green peppers, but that didn't work. Bella did carry the bird seed, cat food and dog food, along with some special items put in there by Avalanche. "Bella, I won't need these until the party, OK?" "Woof!"
Soon everyone was on the bus, fussing where to sit, where to put snacks, etc. Some scurried about, poking pieces of hay away for a snack later, some just plopped in the first spot and went to sleep, and others chatted and wheeked. Sweetie and Clover pretended to be indifferent to this trip after Willie and Mr. Beasley talked them into coming, but found they were starting to like the little "furry ones" as they called the guinea pigs. Their peculiarities made the cats laugh. They also thought Charlie looked a tad bit tasty, but a lip curl from Bella put that thought out of their heads. "Here. Here. Here. Here." said Martin and Lenny over and over as they handed out blindfolds to everyone as they got on the bus. "But what, why, how come...?" pigs asked as they got their blindfolds. "Just take one each, ok?"
After most everyone was snoozing, Sundance went over to Avalanche's mom. "Hmm...maybe someone needs a little scritching and maybe a back rub?" she asked. Sundance climbed into her lap. He hadn't been very happy lately, not since Butch went to the Rainbow Bridge a little while ago. He wasn't even sure he wanted to come to the party, but all the other Prairie Pigs talked him into it. "Don't worry Sundance, the secret mission will make you very happy." He wheeked softly and went to sleep.Tator Tot was bored. He wasn't tired, didn't want to nap, he was just bored. He snuck behind a soundly sleeping Bon Bon and braided his long flowing hair into the shape of a carrot . Bon Bon felt a slight tug of his hair and woke up squeaking and wheeking "My hair! My hair! Someone has touched my hair!" Tator Tot ducked under some hay. The others soon saw the carrot shaped braid and laughed. Poor Bon Bon was embarrassed, so Alvy said "I think that is a fine hair do Mr. Bon Bon. They are just jealous that your hair is so beautiful and theirs is short and scraggly." Chap snickered and whispered, "Good job. Clever girl! Tell me, though, does he really have a carrot in his hair?"
"Ahem, ahem everyone. Time to put your blindfolds on please," Jasper called out. Everyone did as they were asked. "How long do we have to wear these," Josee asked. "Uh, ah, fifteen minutes." In that short time, some of the elder pigs took a quick nap, while Sweetie and Clover took cat naps.
"OK - time to remove the blindfolds!" Jasper wheeked. Adreanna looked quite puzzled. "Where are we?" "This, my friends, is where the Memphis Street Outlaws race their cars! We are going racing!" "All right!" Ethan and Amaris said together. The other pigs just stared. "Hey just because we're older doesn't mean we didn't tear it up when we were younger," Ethan said. "That's right" Marinella chimed in, "as a matter of fact, Avalanche and I challege any of you younger smarty pants to a race!" "Uh Marinella?" "Yes?" "We both have weepy left eyes," Avalanche started. "So? We still have two good eyes between us!" 
Avalanche and Marinella got in a tiny race car. Next to them were Lily and Mr. Beasley. "OK," Charlie announced. "At my wing flap, start racing! Three, two, one!" Charlie flapped his wings so he could get out of the way. Marinella pawed the pedal to the floor, causing Avalanche to wheek. Not to be outdone, Lily pawed her pedal less than a second later. Mr. Beasley wheeked as well. It was only a few seconds later and the race was over. "Bonnie McSmithers, what say you?" Charlie squawked into a walkie-squawkie. "I say Marinella drove over the line first by a fender, " Bonnie replied. "Lily isn't happy and has demanded a grudge match!" "They have to wait! We're next," Ethan and Amaris said. "You there," Amaris said pointing to Edvard and Heathcliffe, "get in that race car and get up to the line! We challenge you!" Edvard and Heathcliffe looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders, and did as they were told.
And so went the afternoon with pigs taking turns racing each other. At one point, Magnus and Kiwi challenged the cats to a race, but the cats didn't like the crazy looks in their eyes and politely turned them down. Since everyone was racing, and Pavarotti and Bounty were bored, they snuck away from the crowd and went over to where the humans were racing. The cars were big and beautiful. 
"Hey Bounty, where do you think this tunnel goes," Pavarotti asked. Bounty didn't answer as he was busy sneaking into one of the human cars. Pavarotti shrugged and started inside the tunnel. It smelled funny. Suddenly, Pavarotti was covered in smoke and spit out of the tunnel! He was very scared flying through the air, but one of the humans saw what happened and caught him. "Uh, thanks," Pavarotti wheeked. The human looked very surprised - what Pavarotti thought was a tunnel was actually the exhaust pipe of a race car. When the race car came back, another human peeled Bounty off the back window and removed him from the car. Bounty snuck into the car but didn't have a seat belt and wound up flattened on the rear window. Both humans brought the boys over to where the pigs were racing. "I believe these belong with you," a man said. "Yes. Yes they do," Carter said. 
Neither Pavarotti nor Bounty were chastised by anyone, as they both looked very disheveled and shaken. At one point, Ralphy and Sugar had snuck some moonshine to the races and gave both boys a sip to calm them down. However, after a few sips, the boys were bragging about how brave and fast they were.
Everyone was so busy with the boys, no one noticed Nugget had arrived and walked over to Avalanche. "So, is everything all set?" Avalanche whispered. "Yep, yep. Took some doing but everything is in place," Nugget replied. "I think I got it all set." "Don't worry Nugget. I am sure it will turn out just perfect." Nugget didn't answer but just nodded his head. "Hey everyone, look who just got here," Avalanche called. "Hey Nugget." "Nugget, how ya doing?" Unknown to Nugget, Avalanche's mom told the others about Stuart Little on the ride to the race track. Paws gently patted his back as they came to greet him. Ralphy said "I got something right here for you pal" but when Nugget looked at his date Sugar, Ralphy stuck a small clear jar in front of his nose and said, "Not that... this!" "Can't blame a guy for trying..."
As it was now late in the day, everyone boarded the bus to go to their hotel. After a feast that even Andrea couldn't finish, the tired little crew found their special spot in the hotel room for a good night's sleep. Tomorrow was Halloween!

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