[Gpdd] Floor Time

Monica Morris mmorris at buinea.com
Sun Aug 16 09:18:09 EDT 2020

We are also enjoying hearing about the floortime adventures of Nugget
and Scottie.  I always love when one of my gpigs exhibits an unusual
behavior that was a habit of one of my prior loved ones - like your
Nugget sitting in the trough imitating Tumbleweed.  It seems something
very special in my mind and heart.

We've not had good luck with floor time in general.  After reading some
of the things you've done, I realize that our floor time was not that
enticing. During our last attempt, Cirrus and Babka just sat, unmoving,
until a loud noise was heard coming from ouside.  Babka ran to me and
hid under my jacket.  This was the first time he came to me when
frightened.  I then tugged the complacent Cirrus over and we sat
together for a few minutes before I took them back to the cage.

Best Regards and good health to all
Monica Cirrus & Babka

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