[Gpdd] CARE: Floor Time

pat schuett bunzella at yahoo.ca
Sun Aug 16 13:26:48 EDT 2020

Dear Cindy & Piggy Boys,
I'm glad to hear that Scottie and Nugget are enjoying some floor time --- it's always a big adventure, isn't it?
The Prairie Pigs get the equivalent of floor time every morning and evening at cage cleaning time.  They all live in the same room and their cages sit right on the floor, so when I begin cleaning a particular cage, I simply open the door and the occupant is free to run around and visit with the other piggies in their cages.  Some days. they are all excited to get out and schmooze with their piggy friends and sometimes they will only exit the premises when I shoo them out so I can sweep the cage and replace the wet newspaper.  They get a little treat of bell pepper chunks when they go back in, so that's never a problem --- sometimes, if they have had enough visiting time before I'm finished cleaning their cage, they will run back in and shake the bars with their teeth to let me know that I should get a move on and hand over their treat!
Of course, Bonnie (the only girlie) is everyone's favourite visitor and "visitee" --- when the boys come to say hello, she accepts their adulation with Cleopatra-like indifference and usually continues munching on her hay while ignoring their wild attempts to impress her and pledge their love. There is always a chorus of excited wheeks when it's Bonnie's turn to come out. as the four boys all try to entice her to come and visit them first. 
I'm so glad to hear that everyone is keeping well and safe, though it sounds as if poor Jean has had such a string of disasters --- I'm glad that at least you, your family and the Misfits are okay!  Covid-19 would be bad enough on its own without all that awful weather to complicate things further.
Best wishes to everyone ---
Pat & the Prairie Pigs

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