[Gpdd] Re: GPDD HEALTH; Carrots and vitamin A.

Robert redmountainfarm at juno.com
Wed Oct 6 11:24:21 EDT 2004

I read a post regarding giving piggies carrots every day and vitamin A overdose.  Please note that carrots contain beta carotene, not vitamin A.  Beta carotene is a precursor to vitamin A and is converted by the body to vitamin A.  It is impossible to get vitamin A toxicity from carrots.  The body only coverts so much, in animals or humans.  The reason some people get yellow on lots of carrots or carrot juice is because of the coloring deposits under the skin from the carrots.  I do not know if giving piggies carrots every day is bad or not, but I do know that it is impossible to overdose on beta carotene for animals or humans.  The type of vitamin A that causes an overdose is that derived from animal sources or synthetic vitamin A. Also note that there is a lot of beta carotene in green leafy vegetables and other vegetables we give our piggies, as well as hay and the pellets with hay as the base. There have been tests done that show beta carotene has protective properties against some illnesses, so I suppose it applies to piggies as well. Carrots do contain a lot of sugar, though. I work in the medical field.

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