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Hi Maddie and Bree,
Aquariums are not the best homes for cavies because
they do not provide adequate ventilation. A wire mesh
cage would provide better ventilation, as long as the
bottom floor is solid. Have you checked out
www.cavycages.com? They have some great ideas on
building a bigger, better and cheaper cage than you
could find at most pet stores.

Try making your piggie a playground for floor time and
hiding veggies for her. You can easily make a
playground for floortime by lining an area with a
cheap plastic tablecloth, and/or covering that with
newspaper, and surrounding that area with your own
homemade gate. Someone a while ago on the GPDD
mentioned making an easy gate out of the grids that
C&C cages (www.cavycages.com) are made out of. You
just tie the grids together with cable ties (you can
buy a pack of 100 for $1 at Walmart), and they can
easily be folded up and stored.

~Lauren, Pig & Pooh (& Peanut & Cookie - www.amiableanimals.petfinder.org)

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