[Gpdd] misc--free range

Debbieganley debg43 at ij.net
Sat Oct 30 20:36:20 EDT 2004

My girls are out & about when we're home (they get terribly grumpy about being contained in Buckingham Palace when we're not) but I have Pergo flooring so our clean-up is easy.  I don't have to clean anything up very often--I swear they know to go back in their house when the urge strikes them.  If you do get any pee-spots, use Spot Shot on them--available in any store & great on pet stains.  Resolve says they're also good on pet spots, but it has bleach in it--found that out the hard way, on teal carpet.   There's a plastic sheeting from Walmart that I've heard works--runs about $7 for a huge sheet (the name escapes me, but I know I've heard about it here) & is used for picnics as sort of a drop-cloth.  Your piggies could probably be trained to stay on the plastic--just watch they don't start chewing on it.  Also watch for exposed electrical wires--there are hard plastic covers you can put on the wires, that we first used when Molly had her babies & I had 6 running around.  Look in Home Depot or Radio Shack--we got our's as a cover for the wires when we put in outside speakers & had to run wires over our bedroom door to the outside, for aesthetic purposes.  But they work great for floor wires also.   Good luck!  Deb, Potter, Molly & Emma

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