[Gpdd] {MISC.} Thankyous to my friends

Trina Pelham piggiementor at msn.com
Sun Oct 31 13:27:43 EST 2004

Hi Everyone,
It's been almost a wheek from the passing of Buddy and I am not as emotional 
as I was. Thankyou to Joesph for the very nice eulogy for Buddy, I know he 
was listening as I read it aloud, very beautiful. Thankyou to all my friends 
on the digest that contacted me personally or publically to express their 
sympathy. I tried to respond to each note personally, but if I missed 
someone, thankyou all for your kinds letters and words. I am a little behind 
on digests some I'm doing some catch up, as alot of you know, I am the 
silent helper with the Pigpals Program and then I email people personally to 
reply to posts so for people to see me post, I have gotten letters that they 
were suprised. LOL.

To Pam: May your surgery go well with your little Penumbra and best wishes 
for a speedy, safe recovery. My piggies and I will think of you guys and 
hope for good news.

Guinea Pigs on plates??? all I can say is YUCK!!!!!!! I understand different 
animals are a speciality in some countries and I feel it should be kept in 
that country. Their cows that are sacred, I don't go to that country and 
market steaks. I will have a fit if I EVER go to a restaurant in the U.S. 
and my pet is on the menu. What are these people thinking?

I have seen some people asking for piggie sitters in their area and my 
Pigpals have banded together and we have created a list of sitters. Please 
contact me personally if you wish and I may have someone in your area that 
can assist you and I can forward your request to my group so they can 
contact you. I hope this helps for some.

Sorry for the long post, but like I said, I'm usually in the cracks. Welcome 
to all of the New GPDD members, best wishes for all those piggies that are 
ill or about to have an operation and my deepest sympathies for all of those 
who like I had a friend leave to the Rainbow Bridge. And finally, hello to 
all of you who I haven't talked to in a while. Hug those piggies for me.

Warm Regards,
Pigpals Coordinator
piggiementor at msn.com

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