[Gpdd] MISC: This and that

Lynn Williams mlwilliams at clear.net
Sun Jan 19 22:38:26 EST 2014

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to pop in and say hello and let all of you know I am thinking 
of you. n Julie, I hope Kinba and Sooty are doing better  You are such a 
devoted piggy slave.  I know your heartache as do nmany of us on here. 
Please keep us informed.

I was ghlad to see that Eddie's surgery went well.  I keep my fingers 
crossed that I won't have to deal with bladder stones.

My girls are both doing well.  Eve is no longer crying whenn she poops.  I'm 
not sure what changed but I am thankful for it.  They do have a strange 
behavior that I'm not sure what, if anything to do about it.  Every evening, 
I put a huge pile of fresh hay in the end of their cage for them to munch on 
or hide in, whatever they prefer.  I also put a huge handful in their hay 
manger so they will have something to eat on that has not been messed in.  I 
usually put some in a couple of toiloet paper rolls as well.  The thing is, 
when I put the big pile down, they both run over to it and start munching on 
it as though they have been waiting days for it.  Whenn I chec it, the 
manger has not been touched.  They will sometimes pulln the hay out of the 
toilet  paper rolls but usually just strew it all over the floor of their 
cage!  Silly girls.   I just worry that they are not getting enough fresh 
hay because they wait until I put down the big pile before they eat  any. 
Any ideas of why they would act this way?

I am getting better with ny heart.   It seems as though health problems are 
plaguing me since last year and all I can do is hang on for the ride and 
hope for the best.

Here's to all piuggies and piggy slaves everywhere...

Hugs, love and whisker kisses,

Lynn, Callie and Eve with Sammy and Tabby at the bridge and in our herts and 

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