[Gpdd] Misc: welcome Mr P.S. Beasley

j s jesguineapig at gmail.com
Sat Feb 10 12:32:30 EST 2018

Hello Mary Ann,
a big welcome to Mr P.S. Beasley !  So happy that little Willie is doing so
well with his new friend.
So glad that Willlie showed Mr. P.S the ways of eating like a guinea pig:)
yummy treats he will soon learn to look
forward too!   The digest has been so quiet lately so it was good to see
good news posted this morning. We have a snow blizzard going
on outside. So I am sitting here on my computer watching it snow.
Hope all are well. WE need updates from everyone.  the misfits are doing
well. and we have gained a few more to fill the empty cages.
I keep saying no more... but I am such a sucker for a sad story....
be well everyone and everypigger.
Jean and the misfits a many

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