[Gpdd] Misc.: Halloween Adventure

Peter Gurney Memorial pg_memorial at gpdd.org
Tue Nov 13 17:41:37 EST 2018

Dear Avalanche and Carol,
Ralphy Lauren here.  Weeee just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed  
the Halloween Adventure!  I liked escorting the beautiful Raani and  
playing ball with Bella.  My Mama and I especially liked naming stars  
for our piggie friends who are at the Rainbow Bridge - we named them  
for Cholito, Pepito, Reese and Gordon. We know they must have liked  
it, too.  My Mama Rickie was so impressed with your story that she  
thinks you should publish it. Weee think you are very talented!  Thank  
you for giving us this great adventure again.
Yours truly, Ralphy Lauren and his Mama, Rickie

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